Ditzy B gets some news

Now that I have had a few days to process, let’s talk about my Hysterosalpingogram results. This fun name is for a not so fun exam that is performed to gain more insight into Fallopian tubes health. 

How it works:  Disclaimer-I want to be as honest as I can so it may be a little graphic. I. had to put on some sweet socks, a hospital gown and a surgical cap over my hair. I was then led into an OR in a fertility clinic. A large X-ray machine was wheeled into place and the doctor started her exam.  She inserted a speculum to help her insert a catheter through the cervix. The speculum was then removed and she started to inject iodine through the catheter. The X-ray photos showed the movement of the iodine through the uterus and the Fallopian tubes. It lasts about ten minutes and at times was pretty uncomfortable. It is a weird sensation that I can’t compare to anything else. I was trying to maintain deep slow breaths but when it became painful it was difficult to keep under control. As soon as the exam is over the cramping ends and you will feel normal. The iodine does leak out over the next few hours. 

The results: As soon as the exam was over the doctor scrolled through the photos with me. You can clearly see the ink making its way through the uterus and one of the tubes and the distinct end of the ink where the blockage occurs. Unfortunately one of my tubes is blocked. She suggested it may be a pollup but didn’t offer much insight. This doctor is forwarding the information to my OBGYN and I will have a follow up in about two weeks. I immediately got emotional because of fear/confusion/the unknown. I decided to stay off the interwebs because I didn’t want to read something that may scare me or give me false information. I know I have to be patient until I see my doctor and make a game plan. 

My husband has been an angel. He knows I am sensitive and is always my rock. He says we will work through it however we need to. We have been through other life tests and together we will make it through anything. 

I also want to share that I was very nervous before this exam. I always look back at these moments and consider it “women’s intuition” preparing me. Walking into something where I did not know what to expect, as well as the surgical like atmosphere of the OR was intimidating. The staff was helpful and calming. In the end I am glad that I am doing my due diligence to ensure that I can have a child. I’m glad we didn’t wait until we tried for another year. 

Thanks for listening and I hope this helps anyone going through something similar. I will be back again soon to share overall results. 

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