What’s for dinner Wednesday: Fish ‘n’ Chips

Hello everyone! 

I am married to an Englishman and he is always on the hunt for decent fish and chips. Something about the quality of fish and potatoes used for the chips in America will never compare to one of his favorite dishes from back home. He hasn’t been back to England for quite a few years (hoping soon!). I have to be honest, I hadn’t even tried fish and chips before I met him! 

In this quest to find good fish and chips he came across a Company that ships fresh from Buffalo, NY. He instantly ordered three fish and chip meals as well as some meat pies and English bacon. 

Sunday is our fancy meal day where we cook meals that are a little more time intensive than the normal workday meal. In this case we decided to have our English meal as our treat. He was so excited and at the same time skeptical! 

We cooked the fish and chips according to the provided instructions. Everything turned out pretty tasty, obviously not as good as if it were truly fresh. The hubby and his brother added beans to their meal as well as a chip butty. This is something my American tastebuds have yet to like. It’s basically a sandwich of bread and fries.

As you can see this is a large piece of fish and thick cut fries. All in all a nice dinner. Can’t wait to visit England and try the real thing! 

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